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Get your time back and create more 'lightbulb' moments in your classroom with captivating standards-aligned resources designed for middle school science teachers.



How would it feel to...

Spend less time lesson planning.

You'll gain instant access to a growing library of resources for Earth/Space, Life Science and Physical Science.

Make tough concepts accessible & engaging.

Simplify the tough topics with vetted resources that will inspire creativity and a hand-on approach.

Make your science class the highlight of student's days.

Be a place where middle school students look forward to your class and can't wait to learn.

Your endless searching for engaging resources ends today.

The Sparks Science Lab is full of ready-to-use, low-prep, standards-aligned resources that have been used by thousands of science teachers.

Sparks Science Lab

Your go-to hub for middle school science resources, tips, strategies, inspiration and more.
  • A¬†GROWING library of hundreds of Earth/Space, Life Science and Physical Science Resources
  • Access to trainings that include strategies for implementing these resources and more
  • A members-only Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded middle school science teachers. the PLC of your dreams

Hey! I'm Michelle

When I first starting teaching middle school science, I had zero clue what I was doing. I was thrown into an 8th grade classroom in January with just a textbook and a list of standards to teach. 

I was terrified, overwhelmed and unsure of how I was going to teach all those standards, all while keeping a classroom of 28 teenagers engaged.

I spent a lot of that first year taking work home and decided that something needed to change. I needed to take my time back.

No more "Sunday scaries", no more scrambling to get a lesson together on Monday morning, no more sacrificing time with my family to plan lessons. It had to stop.

If you're feeling that way too...

This membership is here to change that.

You deserve to have access to the resources and strategies you need for your classroom without having to sacrifice your personal life. No more arriving to school early and leaving late to get everything done.

You love teaching middle school science and all the excitement you can bring into the classroom. You love doing labs and igniting curiosity in your students. You just wish you had more time and less prep to make that magic happen.

Are you ready to get your time and spark for teaching science back?

We have been featured in...

You will have access to hundreds of middle school science resources that:

  • align to your standards (NGSS, TEKS and Florida Standards)
  • are editable to meet the needs of you and your students
  • can be printed or used in¬†Google‚ĄĘ slides, Google‚ĄĘ forms and many other Learning Management Systems
  • make the perfect addition to¬†interactive science notebooks
  • include engaging visuals to keep your students focused on the content
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Take a peak into some Sparks Science Lab Resources...¬†ūüĎÄ

Lessons, Guided Notes & Assessments

No need for a textbook or boring curriculum, these lessons will keep your students engaged and focused.

  • Editable Cornell-notes style lessons with guided notes that include an engagement question, checkpoints throughout the lesson and a section for students to summarize what they have learned
  • Google‚ĄĘ Slides versions of lessons and guided notes to keep everything digital
  • Visuals that appeal to middle school students and align to the content
  • Editable assessments that can be printed or self-grading with¬†Google‚ĄĘ Forms.

Google Slides & Print Activities

Activities that are perfect for independent learning, interactive science notebooks, test prep, and even sub plans.

  • Google Slides and Print Options
  • Includes vocabulary review, drag and drop activities, short answer and more
  • Each concept has it's own unique set of activities to review science concepts

Stations Lab Activities

Differentiated stations activities that will get your students up and moving while learning in a variety of ways

  • Each set includes 7-9 different stations activities
  • Includes a print and Google Slides version
  • Editable to meet the needs of you and your students

Task Cards

Perfect for review and can be used in so many ways

  • 24 task cards sets that Include print versions that can fit perfectly in an interactive science notebook
  • Also includes a Google Forms version that make these a self-grading activity!
  • Editable to meet the needs of you and your students

Daily Warm-Ups

A perfect mix of classroom management and review! Have students start their day with warm ups covering a variety of science concepts aligning to your standards

  • Each set of warm ups includes 2-4 weeks worth of questions
  • Questions can be presented in slide format or in print
  • Editable to meet the needs of you and your students
  • Can be printed or used in Google Slides

Choice Boards

Projects that allow your students to show off their knowledge of content and their talents

  • Each choice board includes 9 different project ideas that students can choose from based on a particular unit
  • Editable to meet the needs of you and your students
  • Can be printed or used in Google Slides
The support doesn't end with resources...

Get these added bonuses...

Be part of a Facebook community full of like-minded middle school science teachers
Access to exclusive trainings that are short, digestible, and easy to implement
25% off all other resources in the Secondary Sparks shop

All in, the total value of this membership is over $600!


But right now, you can get everything for


 *if you join the annual membership*


This will be only time you can get in for this low of a price!


The Sparks Science Lab Membership will give you the resources and strategies you need to make this your best school year ever.

Monthly Membership


  • An extensive and growing resource library.
  • ¬†A community of like-minded middle school science teachers.
  • Access to trainings and videos.

Less than $1 a day! Cancel anytime.


Annual Membership


  • An extensive and growing resource library.
  • A community of like-minded middle school science teachers.
  • ¬†Access to trainings and videos.

You'll get 2 months free with the annual plan!


How it works:

  • you get immediate access to all of the middle school science resources in the library.
  • you can instantly join the Facebook community and collaborate with like-minded science teachers.
  • you gain access to exclusive trainings and videos that can only be found within the membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Tired of the planning grind?

Join now and say goodbye to endless hours searching for resources and support. 

We can't wait to meet you inside the Sparks Science Lab. You've got this!